Millennials are changing the way we eat – and what that means for suppliers

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Did you know that by 2025, Millennials will comprise three-quarters of the global workforce?

This sprawling generation can be a demanding consumer, but they can also be loyal to brands that prove they are what they say they are, and provide products that meet their specific needs.

Millenials love snacking!
Because some millennials graze instead of eating large meals, snack options have exploded, and there are many healthy offerings.

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“Our cooperation with AkzoNobel started many years ago. We have great confidence in them and always get very good service”

Friday, 3 August 2018

Lyckeby Culinar, located outside of Kristianstad in southern Sweden, produces spices and other seasonings for the food industry in the Nordic market; snacks, sauces, cured meats, ready-made meals, marinades, etc.

Jeanette Hansson works as a Purchase Manager at Lyckeby Culinar: “We mainly produce savory seasonings and use about 4,000 tons of salt per year in our operations. Most of what we buy is Suprasel from AkzoNobel. A lot of it is delivered in bulk to our silos, but we also buy many different qualities, depending on what is in demand; large or small grains, flakes, sea salt, various kinds of specialty salts.”

“There are trends in salt as well and if our customers require a specific salt type, we can get it for them. Here we cooperate with AkzoNobel, who has a wide product portfolio and has always been able to deliver what we have requested.”

“Our cooperation with AkzoNobel started many years ago. We have great confidence in them and always get very good service,” concludes Jeanette Hansson.

Jeanette Hansson, purchase manager at Lyckeby Culinar

“Smoking our fish the efficient and sustainable way”

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Their grandfather was a fishmonger. As a young man his son, the father of Niklas and Pernilla Korshag, smoked the fish leftovers in the garden as a hobby. Today, Korshags is the largest smoke house in Sweden. The company produces over 1.000 tons of smoked fish per year – mainly salmon – and employs 58 people. Salt is one of the most important ingredients, both as a flavor and as a preservative. Korshags uses 130-150 tons of salt per year, today exclusively Suprasel. “Previously, we used salt granules and experienced challenges with production interruptions. Also the transportation of the salt was not really efficient. At the initiative of AkzoNobel we switched to Suprasel and now we produce brine directly in our silo. This way our production process is much more efficient with an easier handling, and we have fewer shipments (all full trucks). It benefits both our business and the environment. With AkzoNobel we have a reliable, professional partner with a strong focus on sustainability. We get a clean, high quality product and we use resources more efficiently.”

Niklas Korshag
owner at Korshags Food smoke house

Widespread lack of iodine threatens brain development in children, scientists warn

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Widespread lack of iodine threatens brain development in children, scientists warn.
Iodine is a micronutrient critical for children’s brain development – which, according to scientists, impacts 50% of all new-borns in Europe who do not reach their full cognitive potential due to iodine deficiency.

Iodine deficiency disorders (IDDs) represent a global health threat to individuals and societies. The adverse effects of iodine deficiency are diverse and impose a significant burden on public healthcare systems. Although this fact is well established, IDD prevention programs receive surprisingly little attention from policy makers, opinion leaders and the public.

European researchers investigating IDDs under the umbrella of the Horizon2020 research and innovation action EUthyroid (Project ID: 634453) are increasingly concerned about the deteriorating commitment of policymakers to address iodine deficiency in Europe. They have therefore initiated in a multi-stakeholder approach the Krakow Declaration on Iodine to call on policymakers, public health officials and scientists to join forces to ensure that existing strategies to prevent IDD are implemented across Europe.

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Soon new look of the foil of Suprasel’s food salt

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Suprasel® provides you with the food salt solution that best fits your needs. By using the purest vacuum salt, Suprasel® offers a complete and diversified portfolio of products. The products will soon be packed in brand new designed foils! An appealing, well-considered and recognizable design.

Suprasel® considers food safety of high importance. Consequently, the new blue transparent packaging foil facilitates the recognition of unlikely spillage. Furthermore, the dynamic product portfolio is easily visible and clearly recognizable.

Suprasel, food salt - New design of the foil

Suprasel, food salt – New design of the foil

Would you like to know more about Suprasel’s packaging possibilities? Get in contact with us. Suprasel® is able to deliver in bulk or in easy-to-handle bags in different grain sizes and with different additives, depending on your food application.

Potassium-based sodium replacers outweigh the potential risks

Monday, 27 November 2017

Good news for potassium-based sodium replacers!
The joint SACN and the Committee on Toxicity (COT) benefit-risk assessment in the United Kingdom concludes that overall, at a population level, the potential benefits of using potassium-based sodium replacers to help reduce sodium in foods outweigh the potential risks. The beneficial effects at an individual level are likely to be small in size but will impact a large proportion of the population.

Click here to read more about the statements of the SACN-COT on the health benefits and risks of using potassium-based sodium replacers.

Suprasel offers a reliable potassium-based sodium replacer, which is called Suprasel® OneGrain. It reduces sodium in food the easy way. Would you like to know how? Click here

Suprasel OneGrain: salt for low sodium food

Suprasel OneGrain: salt for low sodium food

Salt solutions responding to health trends

Friday, 10 November 2017

Could there be an easy way to benefit from the health trend and comply to the new standards and retaining taste-based consumer preference?
Our newsletter #2 Salt solutions responding to health trends has recently been released and dives into salt solutions that responds to health trends. It highlights our sodium reduced salt solution and emphasizes on two more reasons to choose Suprasel when it comes to food salt.

Did you miss newsletter #1 “Looking for some salty news”? Do not worry, you can access it here: Looking for some salty news?

Suprasel® brings you the purest salt – vacuum salt – especially made for food. It has been produced by AkzoNobel for almost 100 years in Western Europe. Suprasel® vacuum salt is being manufactured in a sustainable, entirely controlled production process, from extraction to final use.

Food Ingredients Europe

Monday, 11 September 2017

Shovel with food salt of Suprasel

Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) 2017 is approaching (Frankfurt, November 28-30 2017). The Suprasel® team is thrilled to present you its food salt solutions.
Don’t miss your chance to visit us at stand 08.0L61 !!

“We have a good working relationship characterized by great flexibility”

Thursday, 3 August 2017

At Danish Crown in Sønderborg (DK) we produce 160 tons of meat every day. Our main product is Smoked saddle of pork, which are exported to England to end their days as bacon in the traditional English breakfast. Salt is very important for the quality of our product. In my job as a salt manager at Danish Crown I’m completely dedicated to this aspect of the production process. The salt affects the taste and durability of the meat, as well as the capability to bind water and to preserve the proteins. At the same time salt ensures that the germ numbers in our bacon do not exceed the threshold value. This number stands for the bacterial content of the meat. In my 32 years as a salt manager, the germ number never exceeded the threshold value. This is something we are proud of, here at Danish Crown. All these years I have been working with AkzoNobel Salt. We have a good working relationship, resulting in smooth logistics; the salt car passes by southern Jutland 1-2 times every week.

Carl Jakobsen
Salt manager at Danish Crown

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“We have a good working relationship characterized by great flexibility”
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Carl Jakobsen, Danish Crown